Finding the Sampiri


Sampiri is the local name for the Red-and-blue Lory (Eos histrio). This red and blue feathered bird is  typically found on islands in northern Sulawesi. As the name of this species is so well known, many people and bird watchers want to see it.

While its natural habitat is forest and hills, it often visits coconut plantations on the coast. When perched in a coconut tree, the Red-and-blue Lory can usually find Coconut treehoppers which are pests. In addition, they also helped pollinate male and female flowers so that the seeds will grow into coconuts.

We were lucky to see a beautiful bird 31cm tall, not in the dense forests, however, but at the Forestry Research Agency of Manado. Surrounding the office there is an area of ten hectares where breeding cages are located for species of flora and fauna that are endemic to Sulawesi. The program is the result of cooperation Forestry Research Agency of Manado with Natural Resource Conservation Center – North Sulawesi.


In the breeding cages, confiscated birds are kept temporarily, including the Red-and-blue Lory. This system will assist this species to be re-introduced back into its natural habitat in the future. We enjoyed watching this species that has been listed as endangered jump around in its cage.*

Foto: Rahmadi


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