Crow Creativity

Corvus validus/Hanom Bashari

Creativity is not a matter of skill. Creative people use their knowledge to produce genuine work and original ideas from a different perspective to the norm. The creative capabilities that exist in every individual can be honed to meet their maximum potential.

Take for example the Wright brothers. Their brilliant idea to build an aeroplane arose after they observed birds gliding in the sky although initially, their concept was strongly opposed by their great-grandfather who believed humans unable to fly without wings. Similarly, the famous painting and symbol of world peace ’dove of peace’ by Pablo Picasso was also inspired by birds.

Creative ideas can come from knowledge, research, training or the envionment – a fact we can also see from the stroy of the Crow (Corvus sp.). Considered a symbol of death and darkness, the Crow nonethelss has an admirable ability to adapt to its environment.

When the dry season arrives all birds experience thirst and it was at this time that the crow discoverd a jar filled with a small amount of water. The neck of the jar was long and narrow, making it impossible for the crow to reach the water. Despite repeated attemps, the crow failed and became crestfallen.

Not to be defeated, the crow took alternative action. Using his black beak, the crow began to drop small stones into the jar one by one. Bit by bit, the surface of the water began to rise. Finally, the water rose and the black crow could quench his thirst.*


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