Welcome to the Rahmadi Shafa’s BlogDSC_0082_1

This blog is a chance for me to share stories about People, Nature, and Travelling. Most of these articles have been published online or in printed media.

Rahmadi Shafa is the original name of Rahmadi who has spent his time focusing on environmental conservation for the last eight years.

Rahmadi graduated from Padjadjaran University majoring in communication. Before joining Burung Indonesia as Media and Communication Officer, previously he worked as a communications officer for Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI Warsi),  FLEGT (as Freelance), and as a reporter in mass media.

Rahmadi has put his interest in mass media and writing articles for magazines, online, and newspapers. He lives in Cibinong, it’s a-hour drive from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

E-mail      :

Twitter     : @penshawar

FaceBook : Rahmadi shafa


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